Olive Dempsey PhotoFor as long as I can remember, I have been fascinated by how, when and why people and societies change. This exploration has taken me on a sometimes far-reaching, but always focused, journey to today.

I now work at the intersection of leadership and engagement for social and environmental resilience, as a facilitator, engagement strategist, and coach.

My experience includes co-development of Vancouver’s award-winning Greenest City Action Plan engagement process and strategic advising on the City’s Corporate Environmental Framework. In my most recent role, I have led the Lower Mainland Health Authorities’ Green Leaders program, applying a model of emotionally intelligent environmental leadership to its structure and training.

In 2012 I received a SSHRC fellowship for my MA research into the psychological dimensions of employee engagement in workplace sustainability programs. This allowed me to apply my certification in Authentic Leadership from Naropa University, as well as my professional certification in Co-Active Coaching, to my passion for environmental change.

As a continuous learner, I am honoured to share insights from my work with others. Over the past six years, I have designed and facilitated leadership courses for Royal Roads University and UBC Continuing Studies programs, as well as offered guest lectures to engagement practitioners and other change-makers across Canada.

Portrait with bikePS Since I believe we are more than our paid work, I’ll add that I’m a city cyclist, a maker of sauerkraut, a thrower of dinner parties (and occasional temper tantrums), a part-time poet and an aspiring Buddhist. I live in East Vancouver with an ice cream maker (human, not machine), and a community of delightful neighbours. In 2010, I rode my bike across the U.S. and blogged about it here.