The quick bio

Are you curious about how and why change happens? Me too.

I’m interested in transformation from the individual level all the way up to social and economic systems.

This curiosity has led me to work at the intersection of leadership and engagement for social and environmental justice, as a facilitator, engagement strategist, and coach.

The longer read

I bring a diverse and in-depth range of experience and training in group process design, engagement, and leadership development, as well as organizational change management. I’ve built these capacities through more than 15 years working as part of staff teams, and as a consultant and coach within nonprofit, labour, and public sector organizations.

For the past four years, I have managed a leadership development program and provided strategic advising on change management and employee engagement for the Energy and Environmental Sustainability Team within the Lower Mainland Health Organizations.

Along the way, I have also worked as a coach and consultant to support individuals and mission-drive organizations to deepen self-awareness and access greater wisdom for strong values-driven choices and action. Past clients include: the City of Vancouver Solutions Lab, Royal Roads University, OPEN Network, the Alliance for Electoral Reform, Open Media, Free Geek, Offsetters, ReCollective, Sierra Club BC and others.

Some of my staff positions have include developing a cross-sectoral living wage campaign in my role within the communications department at the Hospital Employees Union; managing the design and implementation of popular education programming for Check Your Head: the Youth Global Education Network; and, more recently, co-developing the City of Vancouver’s award-winning Greenest City Action Plan engagement process and providing strategic advising on the City’s Corporate Environmental Framework.

Along with insights from these experiences, tools and training in frameworks such as Deliberative Dialogue, Non-violent Communication, Deep Democracy, Authentic Leadership, the Work that Reconnects, and Co-Active Coaching are among the resources that I bring to my work with clients. I specialize in working with those engaged in social and environmental justice, attending to the unique dynamics that can arise in those circumstances.

In 2012 I received a SSHRC fellowship for my MA research into the psychological dimensions of employee engagement in workplace sustainability programs. This allowed me to apply my certification in Authentic Leadership from Naropa University, as well as my professional certification in Co-Active Coaching, to my passion for environmental change.

I have designed and facilitated leadership courses for Royal Roads University, UBC and SFU Continuing Studies programs, as well as offered guest lectures to engagement practitioners and other change-makers across Canada.

PS (Since I believe we are more than our paid work.) I’ll add that I’m a city cyclist, a maker of sauerkraut, a thrower of dinner parties (and occasional temper tantrums), a part-time poet and an aspiring Buddhist.

I live in East Vancouver with an ice cream maker (human, not machine), and a community of delightful neighbours. In 2010, I rode my bike across the U.S. and would do it again.

In my spare time (when I’m not parenting a three-year-old) I host and co-produce a podcast called Big Bright Dark, where we explore what it means to make a meaningful life on a changing planet.